Wednesday, January 24, 2007

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I am quite happy because my friend M - who is in the Osaka University Hospital - has finally been operated and is very well. I know him for over 30 years now, we've been neighbours since then. He is a pilot/captain and during a routine flight from Sydney to Hong Kong last week, he collapsed. To cut it short, the co-pilot diverted to Osaka and where was immediately transferred to the hospital, where a brain tumour has been found. Surgery happened 2 days ago and lasted for 12 hours. I spoke to him right before that and he was in a great mood. My Mother told me today that he's been talking to his parents and is fine, same old guy as ever! So, I am very happy and relieved. We will meet him in Rio, for he will be arriving there more or less at the same time - by the end of February.

As for myself, still going to the gym and still liking it. I just need to try and go more often, however a flu kept me at home (again) most of last week. As usual, flus and colds. I guess it cannot be avoided with me! But I don't really think it's all due to my condition. I think it's the weather that triggers that somehow, since people otherwise quite healthy also complain about it. So, MS is not to be blamed - at least not exclusively.

Apart from that Mark is currently in London and will come back on Friday night. I really miss him! He left yesterday, but at least it is a short trip. Before he arrives, I intend to go into town, maybe get a haircut (I am desperately needing one). But certainly I will drop to Dunne & Crescenzi to eat some panna cotta. I've been craving some since last week but unfortunately they were so full on Saturday that we could not go in! The panna cotta is a bit like crème brulée, which, nowadays is probably one of my favourite desserts (especially the black tea one, yum yum...).

I also intend to go to Fallon & Byrne to get myself some madeleines, rose macaroons and, last but not least, some aniseed pastilles from Flavigny (pictured above). I love the violet ones, although jasmine are quite good too, he he! As for the madeleines, they are quite lovely, however my late Grandma used to make some really gorgeous ones, and whenever there was a birthday or celebration people would beg her to prepare some. I still remember their smell and how she would let them drying in the sunlight for hours in the early morning. It seems sunlight plays an essential role in a madeleine's flavour and delicacy, and it's true that a madeleine that does not "sunbathe" does not taste the same as those that are laid to rest under the Sun!

Anyway... Enough of the food stuff for tonight, it's making me hungry! And now, I still have to take my injection, bleah, and it's getting quite late...

Good night...

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Friday, July 02, 2004

Itekimasu!!! (Or... "I'm Off!!!")


I didn't post anything these days, because I was sick (again!). Yes, on Tuesday and also yesterday, but now I just don't want to talk about it!

Today is the first day of my Hols! Mark is still working though, for officially his vacations start on Monday.

I am here trying to make a pancake, I know I am a lousy cook, but I will give it a try. I forgot to ask Mark if I need to stir the mixture (he prepared it yesterday, so it's just taking it off the fridge) and, in those 10 minutes where the pan is heating, when exactly do I need to add the butter! Ah well, I will try anyways.

We are leaving home at 16h30 to go the airport! Cannot wait to get to Rio! Bringing some more manga and also "Big Fish" to read in the plane! Great!

And I want to spread the news about a new manga that's being released this week by Tokyopop: "Princess Ai". It seems quite interesting and it's also been co-written by Courtney Love. The artwork is very cool, as everything you can expect from Tokyopop. If you are interested, please check this link for a preview (it contains the very first chapter of the book for your appreciation):

I personally liked the graphics VERY much. And will certainly add it to my Amazon Wish List, he he!

Well... Now back to the pancakes. I messed it up. It was too big and it broke when I turned it up. But it was great, really. Horrible, but tasty. And finally, the 2nd pancake was burnt because I forgot to add more butter to the pan. Living and learning. Now I know, and the next time it will not be as bad, I am sure!

Well, talk to you now when I get to Rio! Sayonara!

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