Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My little JList haul...

I have ordered some goodies from my favourite Japanese supplier, JList! They arrived today and I am super-pleased...

Matcha diet Coke... Probably the best diet Coke ever! The subtle matcha (green tea) taste makes it a must-drink for Summer. This diet Coke even tastes less sweet than normal, and much nicer with that refreshing hint of green tea. I only ordered two bottles to try and will have to get some more:

A gift for my Mother... It's a banana holder! She always complained that the bananas she brings to her shop get all mushy and bruised on the way... This is a cool, albeit a bit weird, little gadget for protecting bananas "in motion":

And finally, we got a present for our new house and these oh-so hot Irish Summer days (ha ha...). This is a katori buta, a ceramic pig where you burn mosquito coils inside. You can hang it to a tree or leave it outside in a Summer day and the burning coils (pretty much like incense, that is) will keep the nasty biting bugs at bay. It looks very cute and is a very traditional object:

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Friday, August 03, 2007

The last few days... (and some drawings)

I haven't been feeling too well the last few days. I think I have a hay fever because my eyes are itchy, my nose congested and sometimes bleeding, and also very itchy. It is very annoying hto have an itchy nose, believe me! No, frankly now, since I came back from Rio, I haven't been well enough. I hope I will feel better soon and resume my activities, such as going to the gym and sitting down to draw a bit - once again.

It's not like I am lazy and long for staying in bed. I love staying in bed and sleeping, it's true, but not all the time, while things happen outside, most importantly, while time goes by so quickly. In this sense, MS has been quite a debilitating factor in my life. As for drawing, I have been thinking a lot about re-starting. Will it be OK? I mean, will I be able to draw again? Is it something that gets "lost" when you age? It used to be easy for me some years ago. Then I stopped and, now, when I want to go back, I am not sure I will be able to. It sort of freaks me out the idea of not being able any more. I guess I can only know if I try. Obvious. But, what if I don't succeed? How will I cope? It's true that my vision is not what it used to be neither...

Here are some examples of my art work. These were part of a Tarot deck, and I really enjoyed doing it. But that was like 18 years ago. Will I be able to do something like that again? I only wish...

They represent the 4 suits of a Tarot deck (and of a normal deck of cards) and its corresponding elements:
  • Clubs - element Fire, first drawing from left to right...
  • Hearts - or Cups, element Water, 2nd drawing...
  • Diamonds - element Earth, 3rd drawing on bottom row...
  • Spades - element Air, the last one.
I miss a plan right now. Maybe coming back to it should be one of my plans, from now on.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Latest News

I am quite happy because my friend M - who is in the Osaka University Hospital - has finally been operated and is very well. I know him for over 30 years now, we've been neighbours since then. He is a pilot/captain and during a routine flight from Sydney to Hong Kong last week, he collapsed. To cut it short, the co-pilot diverted to Osaka and where was immediately transferred to the hospital, where a brain tumour has been found. Surgery happened 2 days ago and lasted for 12 hours. I spoke to him right before that and he was in a great mood. My Mother told me today that he's been talking to his parents and is fine, same old guy as ever! So, I am very happy and relieved. We will meet him in Rio, for he will be arriving there more or less at the same time - by the end of February.

As for myself, still going to the gym and still liking it. I just need to try and go more often, however a flu kept me at home (again) most of last week. As usual, flus and colds. I guess it cannot be avoided with me! But I don't really think it's all due to my condition. I think it's the weather that triggers that somehow, since people otherwise quite healthy also complain about it. So, MS is not to be blamed - at least not exclusively.

Apart from that Mark is currently in London and will come back on Friday night. I really miss him! He left yesterday, but at least it is a short trip. Before he arrives, I intend to go into town, maybe get a haircut (I am desperately needing one). But certainly I will drop to Dunne & Crescenzi to eat some panna cotta. I've been craving some since last week but unfortunately they were so full on Saturday that we could not go in! The panna cotta is a bit like crème brulée, which, nowadays is probably one of my favourite desserts (especially the black tea one, yum yum...).

I also intend to go to Fallon & Byrne to get myself some madeleines, rose macaroons and, last but not least, some aniseed pastilles from Flavigny (pictured above). I love the violet ones, although jasmine are quite good too, he he! As for the madeleines, they are quite lovely, however my late Grandma used to make some really gorgeous ones, and whenever there was a birthday or celebration people would beg her to prepare some. I still remember their smell and how she would let them drying in the sunlight for hours in the early morning. It seems sunlight plays an essential role in a madeleine's flavour and delicacy, and it's true that a madeleine that does not "sunbathe" does not taste the same as those that are laid to rest under the Sun!

Anyway... Enough of the food stuff for tonight, it's making me hungry! And now, I still have to take my injection, bleah, and it's getting quite late...

Good night...

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

I'm back!

After a very, very long break from blogs and Internet in general, I am back! Happy New Year for everybody! I'm sure 2007 will be a great one!

What was I up to these days? Hhhhmmm... Let's see... Some highlights of the past few weeks...

Christmas - we spent some days with Mark's family in Ballina and it was nice. We've been there for Christmas and St. Stephen's Day too. I got lovely Christmas presents, including lots of Hello Kitty things, the DVD collection "Himalaya" (BBC/Michael Palin), a cool handbag, chocolates, and the new Sony MP3 player NW-S705F (see details below!).

New Year - we finally met my friend Monica, her boyfriend and fantastic son! We've been to La Strada for dinner and it was, as ever, gorgeous.

Gym - yes! Still going! Increasing the weights and so on. I just love it. Actually, I hate the cardio workout and LOVE the weights and stretches. I found out that my left leg is much weaker than the right one, but who cares... Anyway, it's very, very good!

Health - seems to be OK, better perhaps due to the gym, but I've been having lots of headaches, especially on the left side of my head, including teeth sensitivitya and ear ache. But I seriously suspect it's got to do with my sinuses, since I am always very blocked when I wake up! D'oh...

The Perfume - I restarted reading "The Perfume" by Patrick Susskind and, yesterday, we went to the IMC to watch it. It is a great film, very faithful to the book, especially when depicting the odours and landscapes. Dustin Hoffmann is brilliant as Maitre Baldini, and the guy who plays Jean-Baptiste Grenouille is an amazingly talented young actor. I would not be surprised if he got an indication for the Oscar as best actor (and Hoffmann as best supporting actor). There is also a Le Parfum coffret of scents that has been launched by Thierry Mugler, to coincide with the film release. I am very curious about it and think the idea is fantastic, although a bit too "conceptual" perhaps. For example: what can we expect from a scent called "Human Existence" ? If you read the book, you will know what I mean... Anyway, the descriptions of the scents are on the website, in case you are interested. However, the collection is a bit too dear, I'm afraid.

My MP3 Player - it's the cutest thing ever! When I opened it I said to Mark: "But it looks like a cigarette lightener..." and, I must admit, was a bit disappointed. However, it turns out to be the best thing ever! Especially when I go to the gym! Here it is...

Pink, slim and pretty!

Well, these are the news for today. I will be back soon, hopefully, if I'm not too lazy, that is!

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Friday, December 08, 2006

Personal Trainer, Gym etc...

I am going to the gym, as I may have mentioned before (did I?). I am really appalled by my level of, erm, unfitness and overall stiffness. Sometimes it feels a bit frustrating, of course. But I will try and do my routine exercises, and see how it goes.

The gym is Crunch Fitness here in Dun Laoghaire. It's a very good and very modern space, with a lovely pool, lounge, new equipment and a nice team of instructors.

I had my 1st session with a personal trainer, and I really liked her, for she was all the time with me and gave me lots of new exercises and diet orientation too. She was following my every movement and it was good. She put me on the machines, since she thinks before going into a lot of cardio exercises, I need to strenghten my ligaments and bones a bit, since I am too stiff and the nerves on the back of my thighs were kinda killing me! Of course I need to start with cardio, to warm up, but not 60 minutes as I was trying before. Something like 7 to 10 minutes, then machines, and finally stretchings.

Let's see how it goes. Tomorrow I am going again, and my next session with her is on Wednesday. Can't wait, really.


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Monday, July 03, 2006


I am just back from St. Vincent's Hospital, where I had my 2nd MRI since I was diagnosed in 2002. It's very noisy inside that tube, even with the ear plugs, but not at all uncomfortable. You get a bit dizzy though.

I got out, Mark went to collect the car and picked me up, and then I sang: "My brain has just been photographed, la la..."

Mark's answer to that: "Yeah, assuming that they could find a brain..."

He is SOOOO nice, no???



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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Doctors, World Cup games etc...

Today I will go to St. Vincent's Hospital to find out what needs to be done about my stupid gallstones.

Yesterday I went to the Bon Secours Hospital to see a 3rd or 4th (I don't even know anymore at this stage) Neurologist, about my condition. This was requested by the company where I work. They need to ensure I work in the right conditions for law purposes, blah-blah. According to that neuro (who's got the tackiest hairdo I ever saw in my entire life - something out of a 70's B movie, really bad), there's nothing to be done about fatigue. Unless I start a fitness regime, which may help. I already took all possible tablets for that and they did not really work, so, last resource would be joining a gym. Not that it's a bad thing. It is a very good thing, I think. As far as I feel up to it and force myself a bit. These days, I actually feel up to virtually nothing, I must admit.

Yesterday we watch the match Brazil X Croatia. It was boring. Not that I care about football to start with. There was a stupid Brazilian player called Adriano that made a foul (sp?) against the Croatian captain. That Adriano is a good-for-nothing little muppet, it seems. But the cute Káká scored the goal.

Look, I feel very divided with these games. I have friends in Croatia. As I have friends in Japan. So, I feel a bit awkward! At least, if Brazil doesn't win, the countries of my friends will. And that's very good too. So, either the Croatians or the Blue Samurai - that's just fine with me! Not to mention Italy, of course, which I love especially after being there and being so well received. But I don't know if they will be playing each other and when. I know nothing about these games, duuuuuhhhh...

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

In the GP today...

I went to my GP today, because I had the flu since last week and wanted to get a certificate and talk to him about my annoying and constant illnesses. We were expecting for the results of an ultrassound of my gallbladder since the 11th of April. The results never arrived and today he phoned Radiology in St. Vincent's Hospital to see what was the story. They read it to him and it turns out that I have "multiple gallstones".

Dr. Kavanagh explained to me that I need to pay attention and see if I get any pains, because since it's "multiple" stones there is a risk for the gallbladder to burst and thus for me to get a bad infection as a result. He was amazed that the Hospital did not send him the results until now, of course. He also explained that I might need to go into surgery, but he doesn't know how the surgery would be, ie, which method should be used. So, he gave me a referral letter and the name of the specialist (surgeon) that will evaluate the situation.

I was a bit anxious because I never had a surgery in my life. I mean, I had one once, when I was 10. I was born with a small tumour in my tongue and, when I was about 9-10, it started to bleed constantly. That's why I got the surgery, so it could be sent to biopsy. It was not malignant, of course. I had local anesthesia for a surgery that was supposed to be performed with general anesthesia. Why was that? I refused to get "asleep" during the procedure because I saw my Father years before, when he came out of an operation and was very shocked, since he looked dead. I never forgot that image. I Really thought if I got the general anesthesia I could die while asleep, never wake up, things like that. And since that age, I hated the idea of leaving things "undone", unresolved, unachieved. And to leave people "waiting for me" somehow. I was afraid of not showing up in that specific case.

My Father stayed with me for the operation, holding my hand all the time. I still remember that. It was quite bad and painful afterwards, I've lost lots of blood, for it seems the tongue is very irrigated. But he was there all the time and I had the strength to go on with that thing, thanks to him. I did not cry, I did not move, and could only thing about "not falling asleep" and show some guts. Now, these thoughts are back. I don't even know if I need a surgery with general anesthesia yet, but the thought of that really creeps me out.

I will only see the specialist on June 14th, after coming back from Italy. I will try and not think very much about it, really!


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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Visit to my new neurologist

On Monday afternoon, I had an appointment with my new Neurologist, now in St. Vincent's Hospital - no longer in Beaumont.

I wanted this change because I met both consultants from SV's and liked the way they approached the subject, and the researches they are involved in. I must say I did not like Beaumont very much. They all seemed a bit "distant" (consultant and assistants) and, besides, it was a bit too far away from where we live. The place was also a bit gloomy, and they had MS Clinics only once a month. Long waits too, tons of patients. Then I asked them to transfer me and so they did.

Well, I did not see the consultants yet - that will happen on 18th September. But I saw dr. Lisa Costello, who is a Neurology researcher there and she was quite nice. They also seemed to spend quite some time with the patients there, more than in my former Hospital. She asked me if I wanted to participate on a research they are doing there about T-cells, immune system and the possible causes of MS. I agreed. They took me for blood tests, I did not feel well because they really needed quite a lot (for the routine exams plus the DNA tests for the research). But then, the nurse took me to a room to rest and I was OK. Mark always with me, of course, he's such an angel...

Results of my visit were:

- Fatigue: there's no much to do about it, since I already tried all medications that could help (Symmetrel and Provigil) and they did not help me (as they do not help much people either, only a 20-30% chance of success, she told us). The last resource would be to start exercising. Only problem is to find some energy to start it, but hey, I always wanted to do some yoga. Now is time for that. Mark wants to go for yoga classes with me as well, so he can improve his flexibility. So...

- Aspartame and MS: she never heard about it (some crazy emails a friend of my Mom sent to her, blaming my addiction to Diet Coke as the culprit for my disease), and definitely there is no relation. I asked previous consultants and my GP and they said it's bullshit anyway. But you can imagine how my Mom pestered me about it: "I always told you Diet Coke was no good, blah-blah-blah and blah..."

- MRI scan: I will need a second one, since the time I've been diagnosed when I had the first. I did not like that idea much, because I would prefer not to see (or to know about) any changes that may have occurred with my lesions. But that's the praxis there. She will organise an appointment and let me know through a letter.

These are the news. I haven't been feeling good since yesterday and am home today. It's 6pm now, and after sleeping most of the day, I now feel a bit better.

Hasta la vista then!


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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Glasses...

I am posting a photo of myself wearing those glasses! I do look older!

Gail, this is for you! And the little dog is called Shiro (aka "Lucky", from Crayon Shin-Chan)...

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

News: Wearing Glasses!

OK, let's face it. If you have more than one pair of glasses in your handbag, you are:

(a) a fashion victim?
(b) getting old?

In my case, check (b). I am getting old! Well, SITA sent us for some eye tests in order to check if we need to use glasses for VDU (fancy acronym for monitors, or "video display unit") and my results were... "positive"! I am near-sighted - as I already suspected.

And I have more than one pair in my handbag because I need to use sunglasses as well. I just cannot stand the sun on my eyes, thus I need sunglasses. I hate bright, blinding lights, thus I need sunglasses, and so on... Shades, whatever you want to call them. And, yes, I must admit these are a bit of a fashion statement. Utilitary, but glamourous.

As for the serious glasses, things got worse after I had the optic neuritis, almost 3 years ago, when I lost part of the vision in my right eye. Moreover, I turned 40, 41, 42... And started realising that my vision was not as sharp as before. In short, I needed glasses (or so I thought, having suspicions confirmed thanks to my employer). I need them for VDU use, reading, drawing (whenever I decide to come back to it, that is) and "close" stuff. For watching TV it turns out to be quite handy as well.

I have now a lovely pair of DG's (yeah, babe! Dolce & Gabbana alright! For that asphyxiated fashion-victim portion of me!) and I am quite glad because they not only look good (a bit of a retro vibe and so on) but I am also getting used to it! So used to it, that two nights ago I tried to go to bed wearing them and then, while switching off the bedside lamp, noticed: "what the hell am I doing with these here?".

Well, they seem to be helping me, though it was not easy when I started some 2 or 3 weeks ago. Everything looked a bit floaty, out of balance, with a strange, surrealistic "depth", blah-blah... Probably because my right side is much stronger than the left, but hey, it was not comfortable, oh no! But now I am happy to say I am adusting. As with (mostly) anything in life, I am adjusting. That makes me kinda happy!

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Sunday, August 22, 2004

After a Long Time...

... I have decided to post again. I've been too lazy lately, that must be said and not much keen to write much. But today, I'm back!

We have just watched 2001 A Space Odissey on DVD. That was such a remarkable film. I still remember my parents telling me about it when they firstly saw it, ages ago (to be precise when the film was released, was that the 60's? Anyway, a long long time ago). I was very impressed by their opinions about it, although I did not understand much - I was still a little girl. But those things always interested me. At that time I dreamt about being an astronomer, and all the images they described to me were just perfect: the Moon and Jupiter, the monolith, the pitch black, soundless space. I saw it at least 8 times in my adolescence. And it's a film I still love. It's perfect, and it looks "clean". Not like the new Sci-Fi films, where the locations, spacecrafts and even people look quite dodgy, and almost "dirty", dark, dusty... Well, after my parents told me about it, the perspective of a year "2001" was always in my mind: where will I be, how old will I be by then, and what will I be doing. I did not become an astronomer though. And here I am...

What else happened these days? I started a new medication 2 weeks ago, Provigil it's called. The neurologists give it to narcoleptic patients, and MS patients suffering of fatigue (my case). It seems to be working OK, but sometimes I have my doubts. I was quite tired today and spent most of the day in bed (asleep of course), but I also have a cold, so, I cannot really say those pills are not quite working. We never know, and at any rate I will keep taking it unless the docs say otherwise.

This week I received another Hello Kitty doll. These dolls (they are wonderful, so perfect, so detailed) I buy them in a very cool website: JBox (or JList). They are based in Japan (part of it is based in America though) and sell all sorts of Japanese things: from snacks to multi-region DVD players and lots of Anime DVD's and manga. And Kitty-Chan! Needless to say I do love it...

My first doll was Kitty-Chan dressed as Fuji Musume, or the Wisteria Maiden, from a famous Kabuki play of the same title. Mark has posted a picture of her in his blog, and she looks too kawaii to be true! And this one, I found her in JBox some days after I received my Fuji Musume. Now her character is called Shizuka Gozen, or Lady Shizuka.

Lady Shizuka is a character of another kabuki play, Yoshitsune Senbonzakura - that means something like "Yoshitsune and the (Yoshino) Cherry Trees". She was the lover - or concubine - of the great warrior Yoshitsune, from the XIIth Century Japan, in the Heian Era, and originally a sacred dancer in a Shinto srine. She was renowned not only for her beauty and loveliness, but also for the power of her sacred, magical dance.

Herself and her lover were being persecuted by his envious half-brother, the Shogun at the time, Yoritomo. Well, the story is long and sad. She was pregnant of Yoshitsune's child, and arrested by Yoritomo's troops in Kyoto. She's been interrogated on the whereabouts of Yoshitsune but, of course, did not say a word. Knowing that she was pregnant, Yoritomo ordered that, in case the baby was a boy, it should be immediately killed. Any male descendant of Yoshitsune would mean a threat to his rule. And so it happened. When the baby was born, it was indeed a boy, and immediately snatched from her arms and killed in a deserted beach.

Before letting Shizuka go, Yoritomo was determined to see her perform one of her famous dances. She resisted, of course, but convinced (and fooled) by the Shogun's servants, went to a nearby shrine to perform a sacred dance, a supplication dance as per their suggestion. The Shogun was observing her, hiding behind a bamboo blind in the shrine. Everyone looking at her dance at that moment was bewitched, enchanted, mesmerised. She realised then she has been fooled and changed from a dance to a love song in honour of her beloved.

That enfuriated the Shogun, of course, but at the same time, it was undeniably beautiful, and he just let her go back to Kyoto and did not harm her at all. Arriving there though and still separated from her beloved, she cut off her long hair, completely shaved her head and decided to become a nun. Yoshitsune meantime, has been tracked down by Yoritomo's warriors and killed. It seems she died of grief one year after.

Well... Too sad, but most kabuki plays are like that. It seems Shizuka was only eighteen at the time. It also seems she is not a real character, but part of the world of legends. Yoshitsune, however, was a real warrior, as was the Shogun, Yoritomo.

Well, back to Kitty-Chan dressed as Shizuka Gozen: she wears kimono, a golden obi and red silky obijime, and also a juban (under-kimono). She graciously bears a tiara, or kanzashi pin in her head, decorated with delicate silver flowers. Finally, in her left hand she holds a ko-tsuzumi, which is a small hand-held drum used in kabuki and noh plays and dances. Have a look at her:

As for the display sign, I am not sure what it means, but I know the very first kanji at the top reads her name, Shizuka. If anyone can read the other two kanji, please let me know!

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Friday, July 23, 2004

Back to Ireland

It's been a long time since my last blog. As expected, I did not post anything while I was in Rio. We had a great time there, and this time I was completely relaxed, not worrying too much, about anything!

I need to tell about all the things we saw and did in those 2 weeks, skipping of course the travel in our way in! That was a nightmare! But at least we got all the suitcases and very quickly this time. But it was horrendous. At least this time Mark was with me. When it happened last year, I was travelling alone. They even put me at the Sheraton, with a wonderful bedroom, flip-flops and a fluffy bathrobe. But all I could do was crying, so stressed I was...

I was sick when we were there, as usual with a cough/cold. It seems this cough will never go away. And also, the bruise/burn in my tummy became very nasty and I needed to go to a Dermatologist there. She said it almost got necrosed! And prescribed me some topic antibiotic, which has improved things since the very first day. Well, not completely healed yet, but almost there.

We came back to Ireland on Saturday, arrived here last Sunday. All very tiring, but I happened to meet a lovely girl in the plane, Cristiane. She is a Brazilian living in Bristol, and we had a very nice chat. It was great. I will email her this weekend.

I was not very well this week and have been to my GP yesterday. It's the fatigue caused by my condition, and besides I was also quite dizzy and a bit nauseous today. So, I did not go to the office today, nor the day before yesterday. I expect to be back on Monday, as soon as I am recovered.

Mark is renting a car this weekend and tomorrow we'll go to a Serono training in the City Centre. They are releasing a new injector that hopefully will make these injections easier and, who knows, not as sore.

Now, it's time to go and read a bit, after a nice shower with lots of lemony shampoos and my new Molton Brown shower gel. Is there anything better than lots of lemony, citrussy, fresh bath stuff when it's Summer?? I love it, I feel very invigorated with these green scents... And I finally managed to get a bottle of "Hierbas de Ibiza" today, so, I am all fresh and comfy now...

Good Night now!

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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Another Day in Rainy Dun Laoghaire

(Or would that be "Another Rainy Day in Dun Laoghaire"?)

An uneventful day at work today. Mark is out in Godalming, for a presentation with our SITA bosses. He woke up quite early, around 5h30 or so. I could not sleep very well after that.

Well, the thing is I burnt my tummy with my heat pad (for my interferon injections) some days ago and now it not only looks pretty nasty, as it is quite sore too. I am afraid it's got infected or something. If it persists, I will probably need to go to Dr. Kavanagh before our trip to Rio next week.

(I am tired of going to doctors, although Dr. Kavanagh is really nice and everything. It's just that I am quite fed up with being sick and needing to go to hospitals and GP's almost every month or so...)

And besides that my face has got quite itchy and red today, really annoying. Damn, damn, damn! If you have MS there's always something going on, really. And then you don't know if it's just a normal ailment, or if it's caused - or somehow worsened - by the MS itself.

I've noticed that since I got diagnosed, or maybe even before that (not quite sure now) it's getting harder for me to recover from, say, a cold. Everything seems to last for longer and affects me more. It's a pain in the behind, really...

(Or maybe... Maybe I am just becoming an old wreck and it's not the MS, but purely and simply "old age", ha ha...)

I didn't take a lunch break today because the weather is very very miserable, rainy and windy and chilly, and silly me did not bring an umbrella. Maybe Summer is over, after some 2 or 3 weeks of impeccable sunny and breezy days. Well, we'll be in Rio in only 10 days anyways, so, do not despair Andrea, do not...

What was I saying? Ah yes, since I did not have a lunch break (nor a real "lunch" mind you), I'm gonna head home in 15 minutes or so, have a nice shower, wash my face and put some calming lotion all over it to see if the "itchy & scratchy" sensation goes away. And pretend I'm in a zombie movie... Actually not! I will just relax. Read some "Love Hina". Then switch on that dishwasher, bring the rubbish down to the garage (important thing!), have my injection, relax, relax, relax (not necessarily in that order)... And, last but not least, wait for Mark.


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