Friday, July 20, 2007

When I was little...

When I was little I used to watch a really funny show, called Topo Gigio. Created in Italy- he even had a lovely Italian accent -, I really loved it. That was some time in the 60-70's... A long time ago...

Gigio was a really cute puppet and I loved watching him at night, when he would kiss the presenter good-night, saying in a squeaky, funny voice: "Agildinho, me dá um beijinho de boa noite?".

(That means: "Agildinho, will you gimme a little good-night kiss?")

I had a little cutlery set, bowl and dish and also some stuffed and rubber Gigios, aaaww, how I miss it!

And here he is in all his glory!

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Apologias my amores, apologias!

And here's another funny clip, this time from The Fast Show. Same guys from Chanel 9 Neus, but this time in a hilarious soap opera, El Amora Y El Passionna. Actually this soap much resembles some of those low budget Mexican and Brazilian productions that are shown in some channels there in Brasil, he he!

(My favourite part there is when she finds the lipstick mark in her husband's shirt and screams: "Wah! Questo notaro sticko lip ?!")

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Baked Potato Song

I think this is just brilliant! Found it on Youtube, of course, and it's Matt Lucas from Little Britain singing a very, erm, peculiar song. Being Little Britain my favourite comedy show these days, I could only be thrilled with his performance here!

Baked Potato changed my life
Baked Potato showed me the way
If you want to know what is wrong from right
You must listen to what Potato say

"Do be good, don't be bad"
Thank you Baked Potato

"Do be happy, don't be sad"
Thank you Baked Potato

And if you want to have a better day
You must listen to what the Baked Potato say

"Do be early, don't be late"
Thank you Baked Potato

"Always eat what's on your plate"
Thank you Baked Potato

And if you want to have a better day
You must listen to what the Baked Potato say

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Father Dougal's Three Wishes

Thanks to YouTube, here is a scene of our all-time fave "Father Ted". Father Dougal must be one of my dearest characters; he is so silly you can just love him!
I could not find my really favorite scene though, the one about the Spider Baby in the Fun Fair...

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Sunday, September 04, 2005


Long time no blogging, it seems! Today I am back. First of all, a report of the weather here: just the way I like it. Rainy and fresh now. Lovely breeze coming through the windows... Relaxing...

My Mother is arriving to Dublin on Tuesday, so, I managed to clean the house to perfection today. And by myself, because Mark has a back ache. He normally helps me out. Actually he still did: since the kitchen is his territory, he scrubbed it so clean that it would make Aggie and Kim very proud! (Yeah, the ladies from the TV series "How Clean is Your House").

While I write this, I am listening to a wonderful Japanese singer. Her name is Shiina Ringo. She has a wonderful voice and sings not only in Japanese, but also French, English and even Portuguese, to my surprise! Her choice of a Brazilian song is "Manhã de Carnaval", an old Vinicius de Moraes' song from the classic Brazilian movie "Orfeu Negro". I love her singing in French, the accent is just perfect. She sings "Feuilles Mortes", alternating between French and English, and it is such an original, almost funky version. Just beautiful. Well, that lady simply rocks. The arrangements are superb, needless to say, and the album presentation is amazing, as only in Japan we can find. Check that out:

CD Title: Utaite Myouri, 2CD, Toshiba- EMI.

Finally, Mark has been to Washington DC some days ago and came back last weekend. He took lots of pictures, which are quite good. I hope he will be posting them soon. Anyway, he took one that I especially loved. It's from a shop that sells Japanese goods, called "Ginza" (what else???) He told me he could not go in because it was closed by the time he passed by, but look at that!

As you can see, all things
I love are there (just click on the pic to see it bigger): Manekineko, Hello Kitty, nice ceramics and who knows what else! I really wish I was there, can you imagine? That would be paradise!

Now I need to go, we are starting to watch "Violent Cop" by the ever-so-wonderful Takeshi Kitano. Just love his films... They are, I know, very violent, and it's strange to see someone who so much loves "cute" things to appreciate this kind of films, but there we go. I love them. From soundtrack to acting, Kitano's films are something everybody should watch at least once. Meaning, you should not die before you do it! Ditto.

See you later then!

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