Monday, June 14, 2004

Bored in Beaumont

Andrea is having her MS clinic today in Beaumont hospital. This normally
consists of waiting around for two to three hours and talking to doctors
for ten minutes. But we are used to it now and we came prepared. Andrea
has her Love Hina manga books, and for me there is this PalmPilot and my
gameboy. As I write this we are in the clinic waiting room. The trick
today is to write a blog entry on the Palm (using Eudora mail) and send
it via my Siemens mobile with IR to the phone and GPRS to O2 and the
Internet. If you are reading this then it all worked. I can commuincate
to the world from anywhere with nothing more than the contents of my
pocket. (Yes, I'm a nerd, but I'm not harming anyone.) Getting back to
health matters, Andrea is doing well in general, her energy level is
coming back up after the anaemia, though her eye never returned to
normal. As for me my knee improves daily and my pneumonia is gone.
Aren't we a sad pair, like a couple in our 80s!
(Sent from PalmPilot)
Mark Lenahan
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