Thursday, June 17, 2004

Holidays in Brazil - 2 Weeks Time!

We will be in Brazil from Saturday, 3rd until Saturday, 17th of July.

We'll be staying in Leblon with Violetta (+55 21 2274 3425) and going to the usual spots:

  • Devassa - Leblon's mini-brewery
  • Natraj - A rare Indian Restaraunt
  • Acadamia de Cachaca
  • Porcao

Not to mention the Japanese place in Ipanema, the Irish Pub, and we've heard there's a good Tapas / Paella bar. I'm hoping to do at least one tourist thing we done some years ago, a jeep tour of Tijuca forest.

All in addition to the usual unscheduled drinking and partying!

Seeing as it is a cold Winter in Rio and a hot summer in Ireland, I doubt we'll notice any change in the weather. My days will be spent lying around reading some new books (Crazy Horse & Custor, The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon) and playing gameboy games (Pokemon Ruby, Yoshi's Island).

I've just been told that O2 still don't have roaming in Brazil, so my mobile won't work. What a pity...