Sunday, November 21, 2004

Half Life 2

Bought this in the states, starting playing today. Very, very good. Just the right mix of story and action, much like Half Life 1, amazing graphics also. Some whacky creatures to shoot. New weapons, and the ability to move, stack, roll or break almost any innanimate object in the game. Some of which is required to progress through the game. Cool vehicles. Excellent exploration and puzzle elements so far, not a second of "find-key-open-door" tedium you get in some FPS games.

I've taken some pictures also, a kind of virtual reality photography. Actually this featuer has been arround in games for ages but I never had any pictures worth taking until "Zelda - Wind Waker" and couldn't get those onto my PC, so here are some of my shots from Half Life 2 (scaled down for the web)...>