Monday, August 14, 2006

Latest News...

Lots of small news and very little time...

Blog or what?!
David complains that I'm not blogging very often. He's one to talk!

New Job
Still at the stage of trying to figure it all out and be useful at the same time. I think I was useful today for a while. Not bad for week number 3! Actually OpenJaw is a great place to work. OpenJaw's travel web services technology should be right up my street.

Annoyed by Iarnr√≥d √Čireann (Irish Rail)
I think a train being late now and then is OK, these things happen. But what possible excuse do thay have when a twice an hour service leaves the platform 5 minutes early? Why couldn't he just wait?! I asked at the ticket counter how often this happens (and that is all I asked) and what I got in response was "listen bud, don't talk to me about it, I don't drive the f***ing trains..." etc. Charming, excellent customer service! Fecking muppets (if you agree with me copy that link with those words onto your webpage or blog, then when anyone searches for "fecking muppets"...)

I have to get used to commuting. If I drive it can take anything from 30 minutes to 55 minutes each way (depending on time of day, day of week, weather and pot luck). As for trains... well see above.

Mayo vs Laois
I went to da match with da brother.
We had a grand time and managed to squeeze in a few pints also. It was my first time in Croke Park (though I'm not supposed to tell anyone for some reason.) As someone predicted, it was a draw. A decent enough game to watch live, though most of the time it felt like it was just about to really get going.

Google Moon
The people who brought you Earth have decided to branch out into other locations - check it out Not a lot there to be fair. No atmosphere at all [drum roll]. Anyway, make sure you zoom in all the way for a little surprise. I notice exists but there's no page there, perhaps Google are awaiting decision on on Pluto's status as a planet?

New Palm
Andrea bought me a new Palm Pilot TX on eBay. It is on it's way (the guy said). I gave up on XDA and Windows Mobile, sticking with Palm for another round. The TX is essentially what I have now with a bigger and better screen, an MP3 player and WiFi web browsing. Hope I get it before the weekend.

The new Palm should make my eBooks even easier to read. I've started buying these now instead of paper backs. I use as they seem to have the best selection. It took a bit of messing about with Adobe (and palm software) I eventually got it to work and now I can fit a half dozen novels in my pocket (or on an SD card).

And with all that, it is time for bed. Goodnight!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

New Mobile

I gave up on the O2 XDA Exec. It crashed and didn't reset, even the "Hard reset" didn't work, and I had to bring it back. I could have got a new one, but my confidence was gone. Also, it was too bulky, I looked like an eejit talking on it, and a pervert with it in my pocket! This blog is coming to you from my new phone, a Samsung SGH-S400i via iMode. Cheap but effective, and very small. Now I still need to get a new PDA, I'll probably stick with Palm Pilot though, just easier than Window Mobile.