Sunday, May 17, 2009

Adventures in Blippo by Brian Heffernan

I haven't been to an art exhibit in 10 years but yesterday I went to my second one in the same week. Hosted in the Broadstone Studios, it is "Adventures in blippo : An exhibition of 10 abstract typographic compositions" by Brian Heffernan.

Blippo is a font, and the exhibit consists of various prints (mostly black on white), of characters from the font arranged in interesting ways. With the exception of one work, the characters aren't spelling out any actual message, but forming high contrast abstract images and patterns.

I thought it was cool.

Brian has drilled down into a very specific and obscure (for some people) cultural artefact from the 1970s, and created a range of interesting and unique new works. (Of course, Blippo isn't obscure if you know typography and fonts or have done design work, and everyone will instantly recognise it when they see it, but before I went it was pretty obscure to me, now I'll see it everywhere of course).

Today is the last day unfortunately, so if you have 20 minutes and are around Dublin 7, check it out.