Sunday, May 17, 2009

Adventures in Blippo by Brian Heffernan

I haven't been to an art exhibit in 10 years but yesterday I went to my second one in the same week. Hosted in the Broadstone Studios, it is "Adventures in blippo : An exhibition of 10 abstract typographic compositions" by Brian Heffernan.

Blippo is a font, and the exhibit consists of various prints (mostly black on white), of characters from the font arranged in interesting ways. With the exception of one work, the characters aren't spelling out any actual message, but forming high contrast abstract images and patterns.

I thought it was cool.

Brian has drilled down into a very specific and obscure (for some people) cultural artefact from the 1970s, and created a range of interesting and unique new works. (Of course, Blippo isn't obscure if you know typography and fonts or have done design work, and everyone will instantly recognise it when they see it, but before I went it was pretty obscure to me, now I'll see it everywhere of course).

Today is the last day unfortunately, so if you have 20 minutes and are around Dublin 7, check it out.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Prague Marathon - Personal Photo Album

Some pics taken with my phone:


3hrs 45mins. Way off my target of 3:28. Came apart around 35k. Got too hot (i've been training in Ireland after all), got big blisters, wanted to lie down and sleep in the street.

Anyway, the real reason I didn't do it was not enough training. In particular missing 3weeks of the last 2 months and not getting enough long runs in.

Excuses excuses!

I'll do better next time. It was a great marathon, lovely route, perfect weather. Next I might do London or New York, still thinking about that.

I'm having a beer and a schnitzel in the old town square with Andrea.


Just went past 40k at almost 3:30 exactly. So now I have all the time in the world! Shite! Oh well...

last report

Past 30k. Feet sore. Too hot. Slowing down.


I have just passed 20km.
I'm feeling ok ish.
Feet getting sore


I have just passed 10km.
I'm feeling ok.
My time about 47:25
I think it is a bit warm. That might get to me later.

marathon innovation


They fit 4 of them to the same space as a normal cabin. Though open they are pretty private, you step into a narrow alcove. Maybe for that reason the queues to the normal loos were only 3 deep.

Of course it help that we're surrounded by restaurants who are willing to let runners use the facilities.

{Edited after race to fix predictive text!}

ready steady...

I could have slept in for another 30mins. Not much to do here except wait (apart from one well timed visit to portaloo). Seems well organised. There's only one muster lane, it is divided by number range rather than time, though I think I specified target time when I registered. I'm number 1020 and hopefully I can do it in 3hrs 28mins.

Marathon today

Don't know if I'll try and blog during the race like I did the first one. I guess nobody but Andrea will be reading at this time. I might upload some pics at the end. Just over an hour to go and I feel fine.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Prague Marathon

Nothing for months! I haven't had time, I've found a weekly facebook status update is about the best I can do these days.


1. I'm running a Marathon in Prague on Sunday morning (8am-11:30am Irish time). Hoping for 3 hours and 28 minutes or so. Andrea and I are going over there for 5 nights, very exciting because we haven't been before, though I'm a bit stressed now with all the packing and stuff. And of course my throat is sore, my back is sore, my knees are clicking, my tummy is upset, etc. etc. just the usual pre-race hypochondria!

2. We are buying a house. I can't say much more than it is "sale agreed", and in Dublin 7. So soon I'll be close to Phoenix park and the office, and the 2 hours a day I spend commuting I'll be able to get back into my real life. Also there'll be a garden, and eventually a dog.