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This page is OUT OF DATE! Personal websites are dead now, I think facebook ate them, my work website is now

Work & Technology:

ITN - Online magazine, Travel Tech News
OTA - Open Travel Alliance - Travel Industry XML
SourceForge - Worlds largest open source software development website.
Apache - Web server and much more
W3 Schools - HTML, XML, WebServices training


Car Rental
   Argus Car Hire
   Nova Car Hire Ireland - Go camping to the West of Ireland!
Skype! - Phone home, or any phone in the world, with your PC.
Worldclock - Time Conversion
OANDA - Currency Conversion
GoldenPages - Irish phone numbers
Entertainment Ireland - Whats on in Ireland

General & Reference:

WikiPedia - The Ultimate Cooperative Encyclopedia - The truth behind urban mythes, emails chains, virus scares and more.
Google - Web's best search engine
Play - Buy CDs and DVDs free delivery to UK & Ireland!
IMDB - Internet Movie Database
34sp - Good domain and hosting packages
Blogger - If you want your own blog
The Onion - Humorous news

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