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This page is OUT OF DATE! Personal websites are dead now, I think facebook ate them, my work website is now
(Most of the links below are broken.)


Sex: Male
Nationality: A bit Irish and a bit English (not not very nationalistic in any case)
Status: Very Happily Married
Height: 6'1'' (and a bit)
Religion: Flying Spaghetti Monsterism


Drinking & Eating: I'll have a pint of Guinness please!
Technology: The Internet and Computers in General.
Also mobile technology, GPRS & G3, Palm PDAs, and Digital Photography.
Reading: I quite like: Richard Dawkins, Anne Rice, Iain (M.) Banks, Jeff Noon, O. S. Card, William Gibson, Greg Bear, Ray Bradbury, Philip K. Dick and others.
Movies: See my film selection.
Stuff: Like Video Games, DVDs, Books? See my recommendations!

Friends and Family:

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Paula Lenahan
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Tearing up Ballina.
Anthony Munnelly
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a.k.a. Monkey Boy
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Where are Slowpoker and Rushy from #Brighton these days? What about Bertie and DOD and the rest of the Irish Life crew? No to mention the St. Muredach's class of '89...


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This is my wife Andrea!

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